About Sarasota Soap

For the majority of our lives we have used regular commercial types of soap and never given any thought to what the ingredients actually are or its effects on our skin. For years, after getting out of the shower, I’d always put on lotion to keep my skin from drying out. 

It wasn’t until our 6 year old started complaining about dry skin on her legs that we started to question what we were washing with.  We were always very careful about what laundry detergent we used, dye & fragrance free, so as not to cause any skin issues for our daughter.  But why did it take so long to check out our own bath soap?  

If you are reading this, you probably already know about the drying and synthetic components of the usual commercial soaps.  That’s what compelled us to make a positive change and create quality soaps that are healthy for our skin by using all-natural, certified organic ingredients.  We will never add artificial colorings or scents. Each bar is crafted with our family’s skincare health in mind, and we want to share it with you. 

From our family to yours,

April & Rob